Dog Hounds

Best couple of unentered hounds

1st  Janitor,  Nigel Bell

       Nomad,  Susie G-S

Championship for best unentered hound

Champion,  Nomad


Peterborough Results 2018

We had a very happy and successful time with our hounds at Peterborough, Royal Foxhound Show, on Wednesday 18 July 2018.
With our legendary hound breeder, Martin Scott, judging the bitch classes in the afternoon, we were only able to show our dog hounds in the morning. This was Martin’s eighth time judging there, which apparently gives him the record for judging appearances at Peterborough!
We started the morning strongly, with Nomad winning the Unentered Dog hound Championship and the prestigious “Horse and Hound” Cup. This is the first time that the V.W.H has ever won this much coveted trophy, which dates back to 1974.

Puppy Show Results 2018

Dog hounds

1st Jacob, Zoe Trousdale

2nd Nomad, Susie Goess-Saurau

3rd Janitor, Nigel Bell

4th Prologue, Sarah Kernon

5th Nathan, Susie Goess-Saurau



1st Notion, Goess-Saurau

2nd Namesake, Goess-Saurau

3rd Nocturne, Fiona Symes

4th Sybil, Sarah Bliss

5th Daphne, Goess-Saurau


Best Working  Bitch 2017-2018 Season

Pansy’17, Ian Lewis


Best Working Doghound 2017-2018 Season

Hampton’17, Judy Hancox


Best Working Bitch of more than one Season

Nature’15, Chloe Ponting


Best Working Doghound of more than one Season

Crackshot’14, Susie Goess-Saurau


Results from Ardingly Hound Show 2018


The hounds came home with 7 wins and the Perpetual Challenge Trophy for Best Overall Performance, 1st V.W.H

Full results

Hounds and Kennels

We have six litters of puppies born this year (2018)

The Kennels are run by hunt staff who report to one of the Joint Masters. We have a hardworking and efficient team who all live on-site to ensure that the hounds and horses have 24 hour care and supervision.

Feeding the hounds and the Fallen Stock Service

We try to feed the hounds on the purest food possible, raw meat, with just a little biscuit for fibre. Raw meat is obtained from local farms when livestock is lost.

Micro-chips and Vaccinations

All hounds are micro-chipped and vaccinated just like other dogs. The sponsor the hound scheme covers the cost of micro-chips, and a generous donor covers the cost of the vaccinations.

Puppy Walking

When the puppies have been weaned from their mothers, our members and supporters will ‘walk the puppies’. The puppies go and live on farms and become part of the family while they grow up.