Peterborough Results 2018

We had a very happy and successful time with our hounds at Peterborough, Royal Foxhound Show, on Wednesday 18 July 2018.
With our legendary hound breeder, Martin Scott, judging the bitch classes in the afternoon, we were only able to show our dog hounds in the morning. This was Martin’s eighth time judging there, which apparently gives him the record for judging appearances at Peterborough!
We started the morning strongly, with Nomad winning the Unentered Dog hound Championship and the prestigious “Horse and Hound” Cup. This is the first time that the V.W.H has ever won this much coveted trophy, which dates back to 1974.

The rest of the morning continued to go well and we were placed in the top four in every class that we entered - no mean feat considering the quality and strength of the competition. All of our hounds showed quite beautifully and were a great credit to Philip and his brilliant team of Chris, Mark and George. A full list of results are attached.
Lottie and Chantelle did a wonderful job setting out a huge picnic and we were deemed by Lycetts (the sponsors) to have the best picnic on the showground! A fabulous team effort and huge thanks to all who contributed to this feast.
Dan Hague had organised a coach from the kennels, which meant we had a great turnout of loyal V.W.H supporters, and amazingly everybody managed to find their way back to the coach at the end of the day!
Huge thanks must go to everybody involved in the day; our wonderful hound breeder, our great hunt staff and of course our devoted puppy walkers. Thanks also to Amy Bell for lending us her lorry at short notice, when our usually, trusty hunt lorry failed to pass its plating.
Our final hound show this summer, is at Honiton on 2nd August, we would love to see you there.Full Results Dog Hounds 2018

Best couple of unentered hounds

2nd Janitor, Nigel Bell

      Nomad, Susie G-S

Championship for best unentered hound

Champion, Nomad

Best couple of entered hounds

4th Fielding’16, Richard Middleton

     Folklore’16, Susie G-S

Best two couple of entered hounds

3rd Craftsman’17, Susie G-S

     Pageboy’17, the Gawthropp Family

     Panther’17, the Gawthropp Family

     Paragon’17, Lizzie Bradley

Best stallion hound

2nd Founder’16, Susie G-S