Vale of the White Horse Hunt Hounds

VWH Hound History

The hounds are bred for WORK first and foremost. Good assessment is carried out and regularly updated and the best families are selected to be bred from.

A level pack of hounds is required to enable them to keep together, to ensure that they all arrive at a check together and to help avoid splitting or dividing which an un-level pack would be more likely to do as it would resemble a washing line. Therefore the practise of ‘line breeding’ is carried out. Line breeding is a form of inbreeding as it is the multiplication of good and outstanding hounds in the 4th, 5th and 6th generations. As it is a form of inbreeding, careful selection of sires and dams is important to ‘ring the changes’ in both the sires’ and dams’ tail male and tail female lines. Currently in the kennel we have 7 different tail female lines and we have 3 different tail male lines.

The oldest hound in the kennel is VWH Daystar ’04, born in 2003. His brother VWH Darius ‘04 was Champion dog hound at Honiton in 2005, and at Ardingly, Harrogate and Peterborough in 2007, who lasted into the start of his 10th season. Longevity has always been important and these two are an excellent of example of this. Their tail male line can be traced back to the Duke of Beaufort’s Palmer 1959 and then to Meynell Pageant 1935, to Brecon Paragon 1923, to Glog Nimrod 1904.


VWH Darius 2004, champion at Honiton in 2005, Ardingly, Harrogate and Peterborough in 2007.

VWH Guinness ‘92

Guinness is another hound that is bred back to as he was such a star, hunting into his 8th season. His dark brother Grossmith was another stallion hound of note. However, Guinness’s best son was Duke of Beaufort’s Gunshot ‘98 who was used across the land.

Guinness   VWH Guinness ‘92 by Gary Stinton

Their tail male line traces back from father to father etc to Mr Meynell’s Quorn Stormer 1791 via South Dorset Salesman 1944 and today can be found with two white brothers, VWH Sandown and Salisbury 2008. Their sire, VWH Guardsman 2005, goes back to VWH Guinness 1992 who is a hound that is bred back to for his longevity and brains. His grandsire VWH General 1980 had great ‘Fox sense’ and he and his brother Genius were bred from, General getting good sons, while Genius produced useful bitches.

The picture below is painted by Sue Whitaker, with the kennels and stables in the background.

Kennels and Stable   VWH Genius (left) and General 1980.

Another good example of Mr Meynell’s Quorn Stormer 1791 tail male line is that of VWH Butler 1986 whose grandson VWH Rival ‘02 has produced a number of good sons including VWH Rustic ‘07 and Rancher ’09. Rancher won the stallion hound class at Peterborough in 2011, having won the dog hound championship at Harrogate in 2010. Rancher happened to sire last year’s (2013) Peterborough champion bitch and Rustic the reserve champion bitch.

VWH Rancher ‘09 and Rustic ‘07 are bred exactly the same way, having the same sire and dam, namely Rival ‘02 –Duffle ‘04. Rival has produced a number of good working hounds, but Duffle was an outstanding bitch in her work, and she has the interesting outcross to College Valley/North Northumberland Governor ‘95 in her pedigree.

Gardner   VWH Rancher ‘09

Another very good stallion hound that is bred back to is VWH Gardener ’95, the sire of a great litter out of Daring ‘97, including Doric, Dolphin and Doublet ’00, all stallion hounds, and Dazzle their sister who comes in many pedigrees.

round pic VWH Gardener ‘95

The 2011 Peterborough champion, VWH Ptarmigan ’10, is a son of VWH Aztec ‘06 who was champion at Ardingly. Ptarmigan’s tail male line goes back via Duke of Beaufort’s Bailey 2003, Heythrop Busby 1996 to Meynell Pageant 1935, to Brecon Paragon 1923 and so to Glog Nimrod 1904. Ptarmigan’s tail female line is the oldest in the kennel and goes back through VWH and VWH Cricklade blood to the old VWH Charmer 1857 for 32 generations, and a further 14 generations back to Belvoir Duchess 1798, a total of 46 generations.

Aztec 06   VWH Ptarmigan ‘10

Below we see Ptarmigan’s sire Aztec ‘06 winning the dog hound championship at Ardingly hound show in 2009. Aztec was by the Duke of Beaufort’s Bailey ’03, an outstanding hound in his time siring several champions himself. Aztec’s dam, Aspic ‘03, was a special bitch whose sister Alma ‘03 won the champion bitch class at Honiton in her time but her progeny were not so good in their work as Aspic’s were.

Aztec 06     VWH Aztec ‘06

A new tail female line was recently introduced to this kennel when Duke of Beaufort’s Saucy ‘00 was bred from, being put to Dolphin ‘00 and Sable ‘04 has produced a number of good offspring including Satin ‘08 who was by Guardsman ‘05 (a grandson of VWH Guinness ‘92). Saucy’s tail female line can be traced back via a Duke of Beaufort’s Petrel ’32, a bitch given to Master the 10th Duke of Beaufort by the great hound breeder Ikey Bell, and this can be traced back to Brocklesby Cloudy 1740, some 64 generations earlier.

The picture below is of VWH Smiler ‘09 who won the bitch championship at Peterborough in 2009 and she is the daughter of Sable ‘04 and by Rival ‘02.

Smiler 09   VWH Smiler ’09

Satin’s offspring by Rustic includes Subtle ‘11 who won the bitch championship at Honiton in 2011 and Summer ‘11 who won the bitch championship at Peterborough in 2012.

Smiler      VWH Summer ‘11

One family that has been noticed by many this season 2013/14 has been the family that included Chaplain, Chandler and their sisters Chalice and Charming 2011. They are by Botham ‘07 and out of Chutney ‘08. They have a double outcross to David Davies Bouncer ‘94 and to Midland (USA) Hardaway ‘89.

The third and different tail male line that can be found in the VWH Kennel is that of VWH Student ‘09 who is by Portman Stoker ‘02. This tail male line goes back to via the famous Tiverton Actor 1922 to Brocklesby Bumper c. 1743.  The Portman kennel has provided this kennel with a number of useful stallion hounds that have nicked in well over the years, namely Portman Genius ‘87 (sire of Guinness ‘92) Portman Galway ‘91 (the sire of VWH Gardner ’95) and Portman Bedford ‘89 (the sire VWH Butler ’94).

The VWH is indeed fortunate to have some wonderful puppy walkers who do an incredible job raising their puppies each year.