Vale of the White Horse Hunt Contact

Day Master Hon.Field Secretary
Monday  M.R. Hill, Esq, MFH Mrs S Howse & Mr T Howse
Wednesday  Lady Scruton, MFH Miss A Veal
Thursday  Countess Goess-Saurau Mrs S. Belsham
Saturday  N.J. Phillips, Esq, MRH Mr G. Dibble

Joint Honorary Secretaries
Mr and Mrs G. Dibble, Tel. 01793 762196 or email

Mark  Scarlett & Tim
Mark Hill MFH     Scarlett Crew & Tim Howse
Lady Scruton MFH      Miss Amy Veal
  Susie Belsham
Countess Goess-Saurau                                         Susie Belsham
 NIck Guy &  Liza Dibble
Nick Phillips MFH                                  Guy & Lisa Dibble